It’s been 25 years since A Tribe Called Quest “Low End Theory” was released.
It’s been 25 years since an album shaped what hip hop could be.
It’s been 25 years of influencing artists of different genres.
It’s been 25 years and hip hop/rap has not been the same.

I cannot imagine being someone who has not heard Low End Theory. If you are a fan of music and have not heard this album then you are simply doing a disservice to yourself.
You can almost see/hear that there are no bad songs on this album. It’s (almost) immaculate. And it’s fitting that 25 years have passed and it still sounds as fresh.

This album simply put changes lives. It changed mine, it changed a lot of who’s who artists lives too, most recently it influenced the Low End Theory party in L.A.

Long live the Tribe.

We still miss Phife.