Well, the first trailer for the documentary Gimme Danger by Jim Jarmusch was released. What’s Gimme Danger? It’s a song by The Stooges. The Stooges are quite possibly the greatest rock n roll band that came out from America, they practically invented punk rock and Iggy Pop might be the last, and quite possibly only living, punk rock legend left alive.

This documentary was made by Jim Jarmusch. If you’re not familiar with the director well you are seriously missing out. Almost all of his films are classics or should be treated as such. Amazing artists have worked with him as well as incredible actresses and actors. He is an auteur.

Which brings us to talking about a trailer. It’s just a 2:00+ minute trailer and we are more than excited for this. It looks amazing. It looks dangerous. It looks somewhat violent and tons of fun. This looks like it should be mandatory viewing for everyone that wants to know about the history of music.

Just click on the trailer, and enjoy because…well because it’s the fucking Stooges!!!