Last night, 1/30/2017, Run The Jewels played an explosive and energetic set at the North Park Observatory. Killer Mike and El-P sounded alive, loud, warm and eloquent as fuck as they traded verses, jumped around and pleaded togetherness in our community and to be kind to one another. 

Was this show amazing? Yes! Being able to witness RTJ live is a true wonder. However, going to show to the Observatory is becoming a drag every time. The reason for this is because the audio in the venue is horrible. Now either its the audio system itself or the audio engineer or something is causing this. The music from RTJ’s dj sounded like it was muffled and it was coming out sounding hollow and horribly equalized. Towards the end of the show it kind of almost sort of started sounding better, as in not as horrible as before but still not as good as the band deserves. And that is what is infuriating to us as paying fans and them as a band.

But back RTJ’s show. They ran through most of their new album, RTJ3, and touched lightly on their previous 2 LP’s as well as their DJ Shadow collaboration ‘Nobody Speak’. They aptly ended their show with the massive cuts ‘Kill Your Masters’ –> ‘Close Your Eyes (and Count To Fuck)’.