Paul Tomas Anderson’s new film started shooting recently with Daniel Day Lewis slated to star in the auteur film. Now, typically that would be news enough to get any film lover excited, but, into that mix you add Jonny Greenwood and all of a sudden you have (certain) Radiohead fans and film score enthusiasts doubly excited. The reason being that Jonny Greenwood’s film scores for PTA’s films “There Will Be Blood”, “The Master” and “Inherent Vice” are just spellbinding, mesmerizing and beautiful. The music works well on their own and they just add a new layer and another character to a movie that is already filled with some of the most memorable characters that have ever graced the screen.


For anyone who calls themselves a fan of cinema or a fan of film scores…I seem to lack the words to express the excitement that these news bring to my eyes and ears. After receiving Radiohead’s “A Moon Shaped Pool” just one year ago and now knowing that there will be more music form one our generations musical geniuses is just amazing. This might sound like a kiss up to both of these artists, but in reality is just being in awe of their artistry, each one in their respective field and is an amazing pairing that I honestly hope does not end after this film.

Their previous collaborations have been multiple videos for Radiohead’s latest release, the documentary “Junjun”, the aforementioned scores for PTA’s films, to name a few. Below is a short video of the London Contemporary Orchestra rehearsing one of the greatest scores of all time…