Last Saturday night Crocodiles played at Moustache Bar, in Tijuana, with AJ Davila.
Also on the bill for the night were Channel (Burger Records) and local band Some Kind Of Lizard.


Some Kind Of Lizard opened the show. 

Afterwards it was time for Channel to take the stage.  IMG_0668_1.jpg
Photo: Carolina Rodríguez

Photo: Carolina Rodríguez

AJ Davila’s set was probably the one we enjoyed the most. His backup band were the Crocodiles themselves, and AJ Dávila came out swinging and did not stop until his set was finished. He looked like he was singing from his heart and performing with everything he had. He was charismatic and playful with the very receptive audience.

At one point one of Crocodile’s guitars popped a string and needed a spare, at this point is important to notice that Some Kind Of Lizard were kind enough to lend them one while the other got fixed.

Photo: Carolina Rodríguez

Photo: Carolina Rodríguez

The time for Crocodiles to take the stage came. And they came out to play for an audience that was very eager to listen to them. And while some danced, others sang and some more were trying to capture a moment with a picture, nonetheless everyone was connecting with the band in their own way.
They played a variety of new and old songs, but the crowd’s favorite was “I wanna kill”.

Photo: Carolina Rodríguez

Photo: Carolina Rodríguez

Due to the relentless rain, the show was moved to the second floor in the venue and it was a much better option sound wise than having it outside, not so much for the rain but because of the audio.
Another thing to point out is that at times, (most of it), the crowd felt bland, like they did not know how to react to the band that was performing in front of them. It was almost like they were just standing there waiting for some sort of intervention or direction as to what to do and when to start enjoying the music.

Thank you to  Carolina Rodríguez for providing us with additional photography.