Whores didn’t just play the Soda Bar. They absolutely ripped through a set that literally shook the angry away from you. The set was loud as fuck. It was angry. It was powerful. It was fast. It left you with a fucking smile across your face. And just like one of the attendees shouted “I’m not angry anymore”, that was the sigh of relief needed.

At moments it was like listening to a bastard child from (early) Pantera and (early) Metallica (only it wasn’t, it was fuckin better!)

Whores released “Gold” (10/28/16) on eOne what is their first full length album. They’ve already released a couple of (amazing) EP’s.
Here are pictures from their show:

They’re still on tour with Wrong and Bummer, so if they’re passing through your town do yourself a favor and go see them.
Here’s to hoping they do a second leg to the us tour or come back to the west coast soon. Their album is amazing and see mg them live is totally worth sacrificing your eardrums for.