King Krule played the Observatory in North Park on April 20th. This was one of the dates scheduled in between the Coachella weekends. And the Terrible Ivan Marshall came out swinging to his sold out show.

The crowd response was amazing, they were either moshing or singing the songs right with King Krule. His stage presence felt huge and his voice could fill the theatre without a problem. One thing is clear, no one is making music like him out there right now. His blend of music works great for him and his band and that is why he has earned fans across different genres.

This is the setlist for the show:

Has This Hit? / Ceiling / Dum Surfer / A Lizard State / The Locomotive / Cadet Limbo / Cementality / Biscuit Town / The Cadet Leaps / Logos / Rock Bottom / Little Wild / Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver) / Emergency Blimp / (A Slide In) New Drugs / Badoom The Ooz / iPhone (My) X / Half Man Half Shark / Baby Blue / Easy Easy


Out Getting Ribs.

Words & Pics by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales