The Raconteurs are back.
10 Years have passed since their last album.
And here are the first 2 offerings from them. “Now That You’re Gone” & “Sunday Driver”.


The 7″ containing the 2 NEW Raconteurs songs were released as part of the Vault Series from Third Man Records. 
As a matter of preference “Now That You’re Gone” is a better song. Why? well because Brendan Benson is singing and Jack White III is playing guitar, and for what it sounds like, enjoying playing those riffs.

The Songs feel like collaborations more so than Jack White songs.



The song where Jack White sings is not bad. It sounds like a Raconteurs rock n’ roll song. It sounds like a song from a band. It’s welcomed to hear Brendan, Patrick, Little Jack and Jack playing together.
It’s easy on the ears.
The videos are better than ok. And it’s showcasing the band.
Granted it helps when your guitar player is THE Jack White, but he doesn’t need to be the focus of the band.
It’s actually a better band, and song, when Brendan is singing and Little Jack and Patrick are holding the song down.

Word is that the album will come out sometime 2019, most likely as part of the spring Vault Series from Third Man.

Will there be a tour? Who knows, guess is depending on Jack White’s schedule, but it would be kind of great to see The Raconteurs out on tour again and hopefully not just festivals.


Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.