FEMME released a new EP titled 2.0. Laura Bettinson is FEMME and with this EP she has continued creating a vibrant blend of elctro pop that still continues to carry the dna that she inputted on her Ultraista album. Here her sound is more than dance, more than club music. It’s an amalgamation of great songwriting and production.



Off of this EP, out on AntiFragile Music, 2 singles have been released.
The incredibly contagious “All For You”, which is what a pop anthem should sound like.



The other single is the impeccable “Be Shy” featuring NOVA. And taking a more hands on approach she also directed and edited this video.



FEMME is carving her way in the scene having complete artistry control over her production, writing, fashion, videos, visuals, ideas. Everything. The only artist that come to mind that might be on the same playing field as her are Grimes and Zola Jesus.
FEMME is fierce.
FEMME is a force.
FEMME should be playing thru your speakers.


Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales.