Kristina Esfandiari is Miserable. She is also know as the vocalist from King Woman which is just a wonderful and brutal doom band. Sargent House released her album “Loverboy / Dog Days”, which is a new EP (Loverboy) and a her 2015 EP (Dog Days).
This is what dream doom pop sounds like, and it’s something that should be in your rotation. It takes you places and it makes you feel, which is something we are in need in these days.




Miserable has released a couple of videos for her release and in the you can tell / feel that Kristina’s voice IS another power instrument to match her music.
Below is the video for Loverboy.



Here’s the audio video for “Gasoline”, another standout track from the double EP album.



The one thing to differentiate King Woman from Miserable is that one leans on doom drone metal and the latter on doom dream shoegaze pop, and she does both wonderfully. Both genres sound new and refreshing with her voice and work. Both genres need more of Kristina Esfandiari, hell the music world (and the live presentations) need more of her.
This double EP album goes to prove that she’s only in competition with herself to top one release over the next.
Do not sleep on any of her releases.


Words by: Alfredo Tellez & Edith Morales