LNZNDRF is Bryan & Scott Devendorf and Ben Lanz. The Davendorf brothers are of course the rhythm section of The National and Lanz is a touring member of the National and of Beirut. They’ve previously released their self titled album on 4AD back in 2016.

They’ve just released an EP ‘To A Lake’ with an accompanying video for the song “Aguas Frescas” directed by Indira Dominici.


“It is difficult in the moment of free-form, group composition to parse out where inspiration is coming from, but then in hindsight, under the editorial “knife”, as these musical things take shape, it becomes clear, as is especially the case with this EP and specifically the song and film “Aguas Frescas”. Our band obsession with Indira Dominici photographic examinations of water, which we had decided needed to be involved in the artwork for our next release, long before these writing/recording sessions, were clearly inspiring us in the studio. Her introspective, heartwrenchingly humanistic Super 8 film capturing of water, from her childhood home in Brasilia, to the saturated color of the coastline in Sicily, to scrambling rocks in Iceland along with our daily, early evening recording swim breaks in Barton Springs, the naturally spring fed “pool” in Austin, TX, where we were holding these sessions with engineer Bella Blasko, were clearly guiding our sonic journey. Barton Springs in the autumnal dusk was our’s, as free of crowds, we could fully give ourselves to its motions, dropping our overly sonically stimulated bodies into the seemingly bottomless swirl of dark colors in the early evening’s low light. From these syncronistic energies, our recording sessions and Indira’s work, it was only natural to collaborate with her towards a film; our water inspired music with her immersive depictions of water and the frontiers between dry land and immersion” said the band.