On Friday, March the 26th, the “Baphomet” track will be an instant gratification track when the Satanic Planet album is pre-ordered via Apple Music. It will be released by Three One G Records digitally, as well as on CD and vinyl, with three limited edition vinyl variants on May 28th. Preorder HERE. There will also be an additional vinyl variant released by The Satanic Temple. Preorder HERE.

The tracklist is: 1. Baphomet (feat. Jung Sing)
2. 999
3. Grey Faction
4. Passage
5. Invocation
6. Devil In Me (feat. Nomi Abadi)
7. Unbaptism (feat. Travis Ryan, Shiva Honey)
8. Vete al Infierno (feat. Jung Sing, Carrie Feller)
9. The Hell
10. Strangers
11. Exorcism (feat. Travis Ryan, Shiva Honey)
12. Satanic Planet (feat. Eric Livingston)
13. Liturgy

Video for “Baphomet” was edited by Displaced/Replaced, directed by Luke Henshaw, with cinematography by Becky DiGiglio.

“Goat headed, human bodied, and three-horned, the Baphomet is an icon symbolizing the reconciliation of opposites; dueling binaries combined and transcending into something greater than the sum of their parts. The track we have titled Baphomet blends the electronic with the medieval, the drone with the sceam, the raucous with the orchestral. These conflicting elements, we hope, blend to create Easy Listening for the Apocalypse.” – Lucien Greaves

With the release of this album under a name like Satanic Planet it would be very easy to think that censorship would come steadfast in an era like Nancy Reagan 80’s or even with certain religious groups gasping and clutching their pearls at the idea of their children listening to a backwards Led Zeppelin IV record and that you would magickally invoke dark forces and don’t even forget about Black Sabbath. And now we have here a band that is the creation of Lucien Greaves (The Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesperson), Luke Henshaw (Planet B, Sonido de la Frontera), Dave Lombardo (Slayer, The Misfits, Mr. Bungle, Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Cross), and Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, Swing Kids, Deaf Club). With the birth of Satanic Planet, hip-hop producer Henshaw and punk provocateur Pearson joined co-founder and spokesperson of The Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves– the most prominent and outspoken contemporary Satanist in the world. Greaves has gained international attention as an advocate for religious liberty and the voice of the Satanic Reformation, delivering lectures nationwide and featured in national media outlets including MSNBC, NPR, Huffington Post Live, CNN, Harper’s Monthly, Newsweek, Fox News, Vice, Salon, Rolling Stone, and many more. As the trio were diligently working, and nearly completed with, the music for their debut album, the worldwide pandemic hit, seemingly bringing things to a halt. However, with the onset of this new way of living, the newly-formed band was in a unique position to enlist the legendary Dave Lombardo, who found himself not touring for the first time in years, and suddenly having more time to work in his home studio on projects that interested him. With the addition of this iconic drummer, Satanic Planet was complete. Along the way, an eclectic range of guest appearances arise, including Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan, Nomi Abadi, Silent’s Jung Sing, Shiva Honey, Eric Livingston (also known as his artist moniker, First Church of the Void), and Hexa’s Carrie Feller. This collaboration embraces the avant garde to create sci-fi sermons that range from doom and industrial to evil exotica.

We believe it will be interesting if we have evolved into a place where we could sit down and enjoy this (or any) album in a family setting (your children included, no one excluded) without being held back by some sort of religious guilt. We wholeheartedly believe that there are still people, families that are bound by this cloud of religious fear that will look and use this band as a scapegoat. Hopefully their children will find the album or maybe the music will find them.

(If there is a regret about the news of a Satanic Planet album it would be that this wasn’t announced on Good Friday.)