Anika has revealed the details on her new album “Change” which will be released July 23rd via Invada Records / Sacred Bones Records.

01 “Finger Pies”
02 “Critical”
03 “Change”
04 “Naysayer”
05 “Sand Witches”
06 “Never Coming Back”
07 “Rights”
08 “Freedom”
09 “Wait For Something”

The video is directed by Sven Gutjahr whose collaborative credits include Versace and Holly Herndon.
Anika and director Sven had lived in the same apartment building in Neuköln, Berlin during 2017 yet never met. Fate, and a bunch of people around a table 3,965 miles away brought them together to collaborate on this and the Finger Pies video.

A British ex-pat and former political journalist, Anika has collaborated with BEAK>Tricky and released two albums with Mexico City’s Exploded View to great acclaim. The single Change tackles personal growth as well as wider issues and grapples with eternal questions as to whether one can ever truly change. 

Given that it has been 11 years since Berlin-based musician Annika Henderson – better known simply as Anika  – released her last solo album, 2010 cult-favorite Anika, the artist suddenly found herself with a lot to say. When asked to describe the circumstances that influenced her beautifully fraught new work she quickly articulates a set of feelings and unpredictable circumstances that are familiar to anyone who tried to make art—or simply tried to live through—the recent global pandemic. “It’s a moment caught in time,” she says of Change, her much-anticipated new record.