FAX has announced the release of “Quicksand” via Superpang.

The album was written and performed by Rubén A. Tamayo (FAX) at Facsimile Sound, Mexicali, MX 2020. Go over Bandcamp to purchase it:. https://superpang.bandcamp.com/album/quicksand

The multifaceted artist FAX has created a 19 minute piece that mirrors the title of the track. It builds and starts to swallow you little by little. It pulsates as it embraces you and holds you closer. It wraps around you in a claustrophobic way that feels soothing. We also really really liked the 2 (or should it be 3?) subtle references to David Bowie. Go and immerse yourself in this cinematic piece, which brings us to ask ourselves why hasn’t FAX worked in a film score, or better yet why hasn’t a film been built around one of his pieces.