Joey Waronker and Mauro Refosco are JOMORO and they have released an album titled “Blue Marble Sky”.


01 Mirror
02 No Air
03 Nest – featuring Sharon Van Etten
04 Saudades de lá – featuring Karina Buhr
05 Water Lilies
06 Acordar e Perfumar – featuring Karina Buhr
07 Until We Equal – featuring Brandon Markell Holmes
08 Ant Farm
09 Sargasso Sea
10 Delicate Butterfly – featuring Lucius
11 Marching Camels
12 Broken Nest

Joey Waronker has worked with Paul McCartney, R.E.M., Roger Waters, Johnny Cash, Beck, Adele, Air, Ultraísta; while Mauro Refosco was a recent member of David Byrne’s American Utopia cast, and also has credits with Caetano Veloso, Bebel Gilberto, Dirty Projectors. They both formed Atoms for Peace in 2009 with Thom Yorke, Flea, and Nigel Godrich, releasing Amok in 2013.

Blue Marble Sky was written, played and produced by Joey and Mauro, who made the most of their pandemic downtime trading files bi-coastally, and enlisting collaborators such as bassist Gabe Noel (Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington), trumpeter Michael Leonheart (Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars) and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Mooney (Other Lives).

In anticipation of the album’s release the band debuted the collaboration with Sharon Van Etten for the song “Nest”.

Prior to “Nest” the band had premiered “Mirror”, which is the albums opening instrumental track.

The other song that the band shared was the collaboration with Lucius for the song “Delicate Butterfly”.

The next to last song shared was the collaboration with the Brazilian singer Karina Buhr for the song “Saudades de lá”.

Lastly there’s the collaboration for the collaboration with Brandon Markell Holmes for the political track “Until We Equal”.

There are no tour dates that have been shared yet for the USofA (or Tijuana).