Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Matt Sweeney have finally gotten around, 16 years later, in making the follow to their album Superwolf aptly titled “Superwolves” which was released via Drag City.


01 Make Worry for Me
02 Good to My Girls
03 God Is Waiting
04 Hall of Death
05 Shorty’s Ark
06 I Am a Youth Inclined to Ramble
07 My Popsicle
08 Watch What Happens
09 Resist the Urge
10 There Must Be a Someone
11 My Blue Suit
12 My Body Is My Own
13 You Can Regret What You Have Done
14 Not Fooling

The duo released a few videos in anticipation of the album’s release. This one is for “My Body Is My Own” and it was recorded at the Apex Protection Project wolf rescue and sanctuary in L.A.

Another one was for “Resist The Urge”. This one was directed by Atiba and Kevin “Spanky’ Long.

The video for “My Blue Suit” was directed by Geoff McFetridge.

Sai Selvarajan & Jeff Bednarz directed the video for “Hall Of Death”.

Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe directed what was the first offering from the album “Make Worry For Me”.

They started the process for this album 5 years ago sending sketches and demos and ideas back and forth. There were instances were Will Oldham would send the lyrics over to Matt Sweeney so he could put music to the words. There’s a delicate nature on how Sweeney knows Oldham’s voice so well that he can put music to the lyrics. “I love the challenge to write melodies for Will to sing,” Sweeney said. “Struggle with that challenge, too. Knowing that Will’s voice will elevate the melody makes me reach higher and dig deeper for the tune. Makes me want to match it with a guitar part that holds his voice like a chalice holds wine (or blood, or whatever is needed to live the best life). I also love singing harmonies and responses to this voice of his.”

Will said this about the record: “Even if it’s only for the two and a half minutes or four minutes that the song is on…. You don’t want people to just sit back and hear it and say, ‘That’s awesome,’ you want people to sit with it for, you know…if you’ve done your job right, sit with it for days or weeks or months or years.”

Go and immerse yourself in this album and once you’re done go and chase the rabbit hole that is both of their discographies.