Capsula released their new album Phantasmaville on October 15th via Silver Recordings.


1. Behind the trees
2. You won’t believe it
3. The möbius strip
4. All my friends
5. Into the sun
6. El camino de La Plata
7. I don’t mind
8. (Don’t be afraid and play) Rock ‘n’ roll
9. Melting dowon
10. Ciudad fantasma
11. Esferas

The first video Capsula released was for the song “Behind The Trees”. The video was done in collaboration by Arturo Baston handling animation and post-production, Bittor Fortes doing the camera work and the editing in collaboration with Capsula’s own Coni Duchess.

Capsula have just premiered the video for “Esferas”. This video was done by Arturo Baston.

Martin Guevara and Coni Duchess are joined this time around by Alvaro Olaetxea on drums and he brings something subtle and powerful to the album’s voyage. It doesn’t necessarily address the world at large right now more than it takes you inwards and beyond yourself.

This album is a rock n roll album as if the big loud albums from the 70’s never ended. Listening to it you can almost feel or imagine that somehow this is the sound that someone like Jack White has been searching for and missing the mark on his solo albums.

One of the best accomplishments and virtues that Capsula have is that their songs work just as amazing in Spanish as they do in English regardless if Coni or Martin is singing. The feeling and the message gets conveyed equally.

The band said of the album: “Es un disco de rock’n’roll hecho por unos punks en una máquina del tiempo analógica. Sin mucho juicio, como mirando el universo por primera vez. Mucha visión… y un mapa celeste distinto, esférico”.