Subjective have release new single “Lost” (feat. Tom Misch and Frida Touray) off the new album “The Start Of No Regret” out via Three Six Zero Recordings.

01. The Start of No Regret
02. Lost feat. Tom Misch and Frida Touray
03. Brushstrokes feat. Cleveland Watkiss
04. Dassai Menace
05. American Gods feat. Natalie Duncan
06. Azimuth
07. Crazy feat. Natalie Williams
08. Breakout feat. LaMeduza
09. Paradise feat. LaMeduza
10. Dark feat. Greentea Peng
11. Reflection
12. Sunlight feat. Lady Blackbird
13. Dollis Hill Rufige
14. Yoshi’s Highway feat. Lady Blackbird

Frida Tourey said: “It was an amazing experience getting to record this track with Goldie. There’s a real passion in the track and lyrics that Goldie wrote that spoke to me and I’m so happy I was asked to sing and interpret that sentiment freely.”

Tom Misch said: “Goldie hit me up and asked if I wanted to make some music together. I was up for trying something, curious to what we would make! He sent me some drums and I started messing around with some pad sounds on my prophet 5. I added some more layers, a bit of guitar and sent it back to him and he digged it!”

Goldie shared: “I really love the way that this album time travels through so many poignant aspects of mine and James’ life through rave culture, jungle, drum & bass and indie influences over the last 20 years. I’m super happy with it and I hope that you will be too.”