Boy Harsher have announced the premiere of their upcoming horror film “The Runner” out January 16th via Shudder.

The press release for the film says: “A strange woman as she travels to a secluded, rural town where her violent compulsions are slowly revealed. The story intertwines with Boy Harsher performing on a public access channel. Their music scores the strange woman’s descent deeper into the unknown.”

The film features performances by musician Kristina Esfandiari (King Woman / Miserable), Cooper B. Handy (Lucy), artist Sigrid Lauren. The film’s score was done by Boy Harsher and that will be released January 21st via City Slang/Nude Club.

About the song “Tower” the band said: “We wrote ‘Tower’ several years ago and although it’s evolved over the years, its initial intent remains the same—that feeling of being enveloped, suffocated, entrapped in a relationship, which in turn manifests into reckless attack. What you love the most can make you into a monster. And that’s what this song is about, being a paralyzed fiend.”

About “Give Me A Reason”, the band said: “We wanted to write something that encapsulates that feeling of yearning—the way we feel when we catch eyes from across the room. Our music can be flirty and crushable, and it’s fun to play with that.”