Andy Bell has released the first single, “Something Like Love”, off his new solo album “Flicker” out February 11th via Sonic Cathedral.

1. The Sky Without You
2. It Gets Easier
3. World Of Echo
4. Something Like Love
5. Jenny Holzer B. Goode
6. Way Of The World
7. Riverside
8. We All Fall Down
9. No Getting Out Alive
10. The Looking Glass
11. Love Is The Frequency
12. Gyre And Gimble
13. Lifeline
14. She Calls The Tune
15. Sidewinder
16. When The Lights Go Down
17. This Is Our Year
18. Holiday In The Sun

The video was done by Chris Tomsett at InnerStrings, filmed in SoHo during post-lockdown.

Andy Bell said in a press release: “When I think about ‘Flicker,’ I see it as closure. Most literally, on a half-finished project from over six years ago, but also on a much bigger timescale. Some of these songs date back to the ’90s and the cognitive dissonance of writing brand new lyrics over songs that are 20-plus years old makes it feel like it is, almost literally, me exchanging ideas with my younger self. The ‘flicker’ I’m talking about in the lyrics of ‘Something Like Love’ is that flame that makes a person who they are. I wanted to find that in myself, so I went back to the teenage me, a technique I learned in therapy and have been doing ever since, and got some advice on how to live and be happy in the 2020s. The View From Halfway Down was about turning 50 during a time of introspection; Flicker is about gathering the tools to equip myself mentally for life in 2022 and beyond, post-pandemic, post-Brexit, post-truth.”

The song has a Ride, Nowhere era essence to it, not necessarily a B-Side quality to it but it does carry it’s DNA in it, and that in itself is not a bad thing. As much as we don’t indulge in the nostalgia pool this is a good example of a song somehow moving forward and being better for it. No tour dates for the USofA (nor Tijuana) have been announced yet.