MOTHERMARY have released their new album, “I Am Your God”, via Italians Do It Better.

1. Catch Fire
2. Wearing Me Thin
3. Give It Up
4. Resurrection
5. Like A Prayer
6. Burn With Desire
7. Know The Truth
8. Pray
9. Devils
10. Coming For You
11. Angels
12. I Am Your God

They’ve also shared a video for the the closing track, and album’s title, “I Am Your God”, which was directed by them.

MOTHERMARY shared this about their album: “This album isn’t a god complex, it’s an invitation to think about what you worship. It’s about women reclaiming their holiness & inviting you to acknowledge your own. Their debut album baptizes you into the cult of MOTHERMARY. It is a mirror to religion. Reflecting the bad & salvaging the good in what has been called an engrossing sacrilegious spectacle.”

MOTHERMARY makes retro-futuristic Art Pop. Named after the mother of Christ, the ultimate symbol of religious hypocrisy & the insane expectations placed on woman, the bicoastal project is the brainchild of identical twins Elyse & Larena, who grew up in a Mormon family in Missoula, Montana, the youngest of nearly a dozen children. “It was our world… our paradigm,” Larena says about those days. “We were brainwashed.” In a world full of clones…Join us in communion with the sisters of mercy tonight.