Buñuel will release their new album, “Killers Like Us”, on February 18th via Profound Lore Records and La Tempesta.


  1. Hornets
  2. When God Used A Rope
  3. It’s All Mine
  4. Crack Shot
  5. Stocklock
  6. Roll Call
  7. When We Talk
  8. A Prison Of Measured Time
  9. For The Cops
  10. Even The Jungle

In advance for the album the band released a couple of singles. The most recent one is for the song “Crack Shot”.

The first one they released was for the song “When God Used A Rope”. The video was directed by Jacopo Rondinelli.

Buñuel is the sound of a difficult situation made worse by an unwillingness and an inability to play nice. If slotting it in a genre makes it easier for you to understand, just so you have something to file it under, mark it down as Heavy. With a capital H. But not heavy that’s in any way predictable, BUNUEL’S amalgam of angular rhythms, drum salvos, blitzkrieging guitars and vocals that sound more like threats than promises is post-punk, proto heavy and arty up the ass. Arty as in avant-garde noise. “Killers Like Us” is a worthy addition to the canon of good music for bad people.

Buñuel is fronted by revered musical anarchist Eugene S. Robinson of legendary experimental rock band OXBOW who is joined by a frantic blitzkrieg of rhythm by notable Italian musicians Xabier Iriondo (guitar), Andrea Lombardini (bass) and Francesco Valente (drums).

No tour dates for the USofA (nor Tijuana) have been announced yet.