JB Dunckel has released his 3rd solo album, “Carbon”, out now via Prototyp Recording.

1. Spark
2. Corporate Sunset
3. Space
4. Shogun
5. Zombie Park
6. Dare
7. Sex UFO
8. Cristal Mind
9. Naturalis Principia Musica

JB Dunckel, who is one half of the band Air, said this about the song “Corporate Sunset”: “It’s about how big corporations are changing the world and what they propose could be paradise. That song is optimistic but big tech companies are more likely to bring us hell. They’re more powerful now than any country, they’re the new kings.”

About the album he shared this: “Carbon, when you burn it, it doesn’t go away. It’s full of strength, diamonds are crystallized carbon. Carbon is the thing that makes you solid. It’s the most important thing in our bodies and in our lives, but we’re hardly aware of it. It’s all about creating waves that bring me happiness, or, that reveal how I feel. It has to drag me into a dream or a sort of internal pleasure…. Music brings energy and I want them to feel this energy.”

As of right now there are no current tour dates announced for the USofA (or Tijuana).