Haunted Horses released their new album “The Worst Has Finally Happened” out July 29th via Three One G.

House of the World to Come
The Garden
Window Sung
The Worst
Golden Stairs
Cold Machine
Severed Circle

The first single was for the song “Pig” with a video by Andy Wallis / Displaced Replaced.

Colin Dawson shared this about the song and video: “Director and Producer Andy Wallis brings the grotesque to life with 10kg of clay. We watch the body form, contort and writhe in an attempt to survive. Its rapid movement does nothing to help break free of the room, only allowing the malleable onlooker to mutate. The Worst wears many faces. The song was written completely digitally and manifested its existence through an onslaught of synthesizers, keys and recycled samples, this track was the first in a new writing format for the band. Drums and bass were later added to complete the utter nastiness that is “Pig.”

The follow up to that video was for the song “Cold Medicine” with a video directed by daisyheroin and Myke Prolly.

The last video they released in anticipation for their album was for “The Garden”, the video was co-directed by Rachael & Brandon Pierce.

Colin Dawy shared this about the song: “‘The Garden’ is a song about the worst societal delusions. We were quick to choose this as a single since it properly sets the tone of the new album. It’s intended to introduce the album’s various architectural noise structures and heavy rhythmic layers.”