Rancho Shampoo & The Indian Dub Orchestra have released a new song “Timbalero”.

Memo Navajas shared this about the song: “Timbalero is a collaboration between Timothy Cuero, from the Kumiai Nation, in the community of Campo, CA and the Rancho Shampoo & Indian Dub Orchestra, coming from the Underground. The voice of Cuero, who interprets his version of a Kumiai bird song, which traditionally narrates small stories from the community, dictates the stave of an urgent song, both introspective and an invitation to escape our reality. Prepare yourself to be submerged for three minutes and eight seconds in the vastness of the cosmos. To ramble on beyond the fourth dimension in this chant that commemorates the Rayovac Ancestors whose bodies dilate and expand, like the spaghetti syndrome, long and wide across the universe, breaking through everything that is, everything that was and everything it will be with it’s majestic presence.”

(if one looks beyond the obvious, one sees connections to the spirit world, to the underworld and to other realities)