Benito Cerati has released the first single, “Agujero Negro”, off what will be his debut album “Shasei” out later this year.

The video was directed by Belén Asad. The musicians that have worked with him on this are: Lito Vitale (moog & synths), Estanislao López (bass & co-producer), Alejandro Castellani (drums), Carlos Salas (percussion), Alfredo García Tau (guitars & synths), Alejandro Terán (string arrangements), Javier Casalla, Julio Domínguez, Karmen Rencar y Alejandro Terán (violin, cello y viola), Gillespi (trumpet), Ramiro Flores (sax & trombone) and Federico Stuart (scratch).

Benito said this about the album: “…it’s an album inspired by my adolescence and the coexistence between nature and the digital. Also, influenced by the intensity of first encounters and mistakes made…dual and contradictory…” He also self described the album as: atmospheric, ethereal, mysterious, exuberant, femenine, surreal, nocturnal, cryptic, suspenseful, obscure, sci-fi, ominous, wintery, sensual, eclectic, hypnotic, psychedelic. Inspired by: ambient, pop, spy movies soundtracks, downtempo, experimental, baroque, spacey and a lot of Moog.