Suede have shared a new single, “That Boy On The Stage”, off their upcoming album “Autofiction” out September 16th.

TRACKLIST: 1. She Still Leads Me On
2. Personality Disorder
3. 15 Again
4. The Only Way I Can Love You
5. That Boy On The Stage
6. Drive Myself Home
7. Black Ice
8. Shadow Self
9. It’s Always The Quiet Ones
10. What Am I Without You?
11. Turn Off Your Brain And Yell

Brett Anderson said of the song: : “It’s about persona. It’s about the people we become.”

At the time they announced the release of their album they did so with a short film, which was described: “The production explores the complexities of memory, the perceived truth, communication and anxiety in human relationships. Themes at the core of Suede’s new album ‘Autofiction’, which, as its title suggests, is one of Brett Anderson’s most personal records yet.”

No tour dates have been announced for the USofA nor Tijuana yet.