Taleen Kali has shared her first single, “Flower Of Life”, off her debut album out March 3rd, 2023 via Dum Dum Records.


Flower of Life
Only Lovers Left Alive
Trash Talk
Tomorrow Girl
Fine Line
Summer of Sound
Vague Flesh
Spirit Plane

The video was directed by Joe Rubinstein.

Taleen Kali shared this about the song: “Flower of Life” was a spiritual concept I held onto for a long time before writing this song. The flower is a fractal, a cycle, ever blooming, ever decaying. For our 1st music video, we wanted to honor this cycle by highlighting the cultural moments we experienced in the recent past as a way of celebrating our resilience while also looking ahead to the future. For our band right now, it means being able to perform again and tour to support our upcoming album. In the larger scheme of things, it means so much more. It was important to us to not only highlight resistance but also celebration in the music video. The news clips in the video range from footage of LGBTQ pride marches to recent protests, which include the recent Roe vs. Wade demonstrations, Armenians in L.A. protesting the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, Black Lives Matter, and even the 2017 Women’s March.”

Taleen and her band are already out on tour. Make sure to go out and support them.