Otoboke Beaver have shared the first song they ever recorded together, “Chu Chu Song”.

Otoboke Beaver of Kyoto, Japan recorded their first ever track ‘Chuchu Song’ exclusively for the fans who helped fund their SXSW trip. Using Campfire in Japan and Kickstarter outside Japan, the band raised £5800.
The track was created at bands inception back in 2009 and a previously only seen at live shows but now faithfully recorded at Studio Hana Mauii, in Kyoto by Kazutaka Miya.
The band give special thanks to patrons who gave us 30000yen in sxsw project funding.

“Chu Chu Song” by Otoboke Beaver was recently featured on Adult Swim’s ‘Japan Is Loud’ compilation curated by Jonny Rej of Toonami. Right now they’re on their world tour selling out (almost every) show. If they happen to play near you don’t fuck up and miss them. They start their US tour at the end of September and runs all thru October.