Austin TV have woken from their slumber and released a new single, “De La Orquídea Y De La Avispa”, after almost 10 years away.

The band released a statement via their Instagram account that said: To all of us that male rhizome and love Austin TV. It’s been almost 9 years since our last concert. There aren’t enough words to express our thanks and gratitude for all the different ways that you’ve showed that you care and love us. Austin is alive and active thanks to you that have allowed our music to accompany you. In these last years a lot of things have happened. We’re well aware that Austin is more than a band, it’s an entity-spirit that exists and has existed no matter the circumstances. It has been said that the only constant is movement and Austin has not been the exception. We have mutated again…we want to let you know that at the beginning of this year, Mario Sanchez (Chavo), founding member of the band proposed to us to continue on with the band sans him, because he discovered that his place in music was no longer on stage. He wants to pursue his dream of becoming a professional in the music industry as a representative in Mexico of “CD Baby” and “Downtown Music Holdings”. Trying to be as crystal clear as possible with all of you we want to let you know that he has approved of this communication and has asked that we all respect his decision since he sincerely hopes that we all can continue to vibe together with Austin TV; that way honoring the fundamental idea of the band and the reason why we wear masks and uniforms. Because I’m this project no one is more important than the other. After questioning everything…Chiosan, Xnayer, Totore y Rata have decided to play again 🖤

Why come back? We’re doing it because life has taught us that in these years Austin and music saves us. We’ve gone thru deep processes of self knowledge, and working on our mental health both individually and collective. We decided to get together to play and compose because of our need to express everything that we’ve learned and grown throughout these years. We don’t have the exact words to describe what we feel, we have music. We also wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have coincided and to have connected to play and compose new music for Austin, Hector Fematt, who far from being new, is an old friend and an incredible guitarist. He has played with different bands like Canseco, Insite, Kill Aniston, Accidents, Javier Blake, Silver Rose, Bye Sami, Desmemoriado, A veces siempre, among others. We welcome and thank him for sharing part of his soul to this cause. We are really excited with this new chapter of Austin TV. We want to believe that “ALL OF US ARE PART OF A WHOLE”. We want to believe in the quantic consciousness, in the mycelium, in drawing maps, to be a rhizome like the orchid and the was. But above all we want to believe that in this constant becoming we will find meaning and expression for all of these emotions that unites us as persons. We are an instrumental band with a lot to say. Thank you for your understanding and for honoring the processes of Austin TV. We’ll be waiting in the instrumental rock and we promise you all of our love and all of ourselves. Your face doesn’t matter, you matter.

Something noteworthy that ties this announcement to the city of Tijuana is the fact that the band has been using in their new work and live set up pedals from the local company Paradox Effects.

Lastly, Austin TV have been the 1st band announced for next year’s Vive Latino festival in Mexico City.