Andy Bell has shared the video for the track, “The Sky Without You” (David Holmes Radical Mycology Remix), off his new EP “I Am A Strange Loop” out now via Sonic Cathedral.

1. The Sky Without You (David Holmes Radical Mycology Remix)
2. It Gets Easier (Maps Remix)
3. Something Like Love (Richard Norris Remix)
4. Way Of The World (bdrmm Remix)
5. World Of Echo (A Place To Bury Strangers Remix)
6. Sidewinder (Claude Cooper Remix)
7. Something Like Love (Richard Norris Remix – Instrumental)
8. Sidewinder (Claude Cooper Remix – Instrumental)

The video for the song was directed by Jean de Oliveira.

Andy Bell shared this about the EP: “It was so great to see what came back when I gave these tracks from ‘Flicker’ to various comrades, friends and heroes to play with.

David Holmes requested the opening track as he had formed a bit of a connection with it, and what he came up with turns the song from an introductory taster, into a hallucinogenic beast, taking pride of place here as the opening track but in a whole different way to how ‘Flicker’ opens.

James Chapman AKA Maps has taken ‘It Gets Easier’ to a bigger, brighter and shinier place, he’s given quite a downbeat track a euphoric and epic sheen. James is an absolute master of electronic production and he’s taken the same care and attention over this remix as he does with his own wonderful music.

I couldn’t put Richard Norris’s lovely widescreen take on ‘Something Like Love’ better than the man himself – in his own words he found the “hitherto undiscovered sweet spot between ‘Roscoe’ and ‘Outdoor Miner’” and he tapped into the melancholy euphoria at the core of the song.

Jordan Smith from bdrmm’s very first remix blows my mind every time I play it. It is as constantly inventive, infectious and frankly ace as the band he plays in. This is a remix for headphones, there are so many great moments to love, all held together by a bassline worthy of Jah Wobble (by way of Andrew Weatherall). If this is Jordan’s first remix imagine what he’ll be coming up with in years to come. Astonishing!

A Place to Bury Strangers take no prisoners on their mix of ‘World Of Echo’ which is pure psych-punk adrenaline. The song is almost unrecognisable. There are glimpses of the original, but more than anything it’s an incredible, if slightly unhinged, APTBS track which I enjoy very much indeed.

Claude Cooper takers ‘Sidewinder’ to a ’60s-themed house party and gives it a big tequila shot and some magic mushrooms, Which takes us back to where we started with David Holmes’ radical mycology!

Thanks to all of the above for their incredible work on giving these songs from ‘Flicker’ a new technicolour life”.