Indigo Sparke has released her new album, “Hysteria”, via Sacred Bones.


01 Blue
02 Hysteria
03 Pressure in My Chest
04 God Is a Woman’s Name
05 Why Do You Lie?
06 Pluto
07 Infinity Honey
08 Golden Ribbons
09 Real
10 Sad Is Love
11 Set Your Fire on Me
12 Hold On
13 Time Gets Eaten
14 Burn

The album was produced by Aaron Dessner (the National). This is something she shared about the album itself: “The whole theme of this album, in some ways, is reconciling. Reconciling hysteria, reconciling grief, and reconciling trauma and time and how the time like brings us around in these circles. It was maybe the first time in my life that I was truly, truly, truly alone. It didn’t have family, no friends, no relationship, no safety mechanism. And I had to fortify the sense of home, internally. And the only thing I could kind of keep returning to was my breath.”

From the album a few videos were released. One of them was for the the album opener “Blue”.

The other single they released was for the song “Pressure In My Chest” and was directed by Madeline Clayton.

The last video for the album was for the song “Hysteria”, the video was directed, edited and shot by Nina Gofur. Indigo shared this about the song: “This song is about being inside of love, right at the edge of hysteria,” Sparke says in a statement. “There is often an axis point in things. A place where things can tip into chaos or become unhinged. A marker point. As beautiful and turbulent as these moments are, sometimes it’s hard to return from them to a place that makes sense and feels safe. I think for so long and maybe still, sometimes, I find it hard to keep my balance in love. So many fireworks. So many sorries. So much hope. So much deep yearning. So much joy. So much poignant reflection in the tidal pools of intimacy. This song was the birthplace of the whole album. I had this song and the title before the rest found a home inside of this world too. I am still trying to unravel the bitter sweet nature of love and longing. What it means to truly let go. What it means to truly love.”

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to see her live then go and treat yourself and support her.