Nadine Khouri has shared a new single, “Keep On Pushing These Walls”, off her new album “Another Life” that was just released via Talitres.


  1. Another Life 
  2. Keep On Pushing These Walls 
  3. Briefly Here 
  4. The Broken Light 
  5. Lo-fi Moon 
  6. Vertigo 
  7. Visitations 
  8. Song of a Caged Bird
  9. Box of Echoes 

The video for “Keep On Pushing These Walls” was directed by Ramzi Hibri. Nadine said this of the track: “I wrote “Keep On Pushing These Walls” in tribute to the late, great Lhasa de Sela. I’d seen Leslie Feist, Melissa Laveaux and others pay tribute to her life and work at the Barbican in London and came home and wrote this song. More generally, it’s about songs written by another that open us up to ourselves, to each other and to the world. Lhasa was a one-of-a-kind artist, whose music has accompanied me all throughout my life. People often talk about her as an extraordinary singer or performer, but she was equally a brilliant songwriter and storyteller. I often wonder what Lhasa would make of the world today. Her humility, openness and quest for authenticity always inspire me. Her music was expansive, beyond language and genre, she sang from and for the soul.”

The album’s producer is John Parish snd he shared this: “Nadine’s voice is undeniably beautiful. But as well as beauty, there is an intimacy that makes her images come alive, and a gravitas that focuses her anger, particularly when directed at the corruption she sees in her homeland.”

Nadine shared this about her album: “I wanted this record to sound more direct than the previous one; though there is a lot on there about being in a liminal place, between past and present, presence and absence.”