Belle & Sebastian have announced the release of their new album, “Late Developers”, out January 13th via Matador. With it the single “I Don’t Know What You See In Me”.


01 Juliet Naked
02 Give a Little Time
03 When We Were Very Young
04 Will I Tell You a Secret
05 So in the Moment
06 The Evening Star
07 When You’re Not With Me
08 I Don’t Know What You See in Me
09 Do You Follow
10 When the Cynics Stare Back From the Wall
11 Late Developers

Stuart Murdoch shared this about the lead single: “We’d (Pete Ferguson) actually been talking for a couple of years before we got this together. He’d just signed to a major label, he was a fan of Belle & Sebastian, and he asked if there was anything we would want to collaborate on, or could I contribute some lyrics. He would reciprocate, and when this song came in I said, ‘Let’s do this one with the band, we’ll sing it for you and you can be in complete control, produce and mix it’. We thought it was strong enough to go on our record. Ferguson is so much younger than me, so there’s a whole swathe of music that’s passed me by, things I would never think of, which is what you want from a collaborator”.