Shana Cleveland (La Luz) has shared the first single, “Faces In The Firelight”, off her upcoming solo album Manzanita out March 10th via Hardly Art.


1. A Ghost
2. Bloom
3. Faces in the Firelight
4. Mystic Mine
5. Light on the Water
6. Quick Winter Sun
7. Bonanza Freeze
8. Gold Tower
9. Babe
10. Ten Hour Drive Through West Coast Disaster
11. Evil Eye
12. Mayonnaise
13. Sheriff of the Salton Sea
14. Walking Through Morning Dew

The video for “Faces In The Firelight” was directed by Two Seraphim. Shana shared this about the video: “We created a fantasy realm in my backyard to visualise the sweet strangeness of the time and place when I wrote these songs: pregnant and often alone in the wilderness”.

Shana shared this about the song: “The song is about watching Will tend to a huge burn pile that was still going long after dark and realising that out there in the dark field he looked like the ultrasound image we had on our fridge. I was thinking that the greatest act of love might be to wait for someone. To say, ‘I’ll be here whenever you’re done, whenever you’re ready.’”