Automatic have share stage second single, “Turn Away”, off their most recent album “Excess” out now via Stones Throw.

1. New Beginning
2. On the Edge
3. Skyscraper
4. Realms
5. Venus Hour
6. Automaton
7. Teen Beat
8. NRG
9. Lucy
10. Turn Away

The video for the album’s closer was directed by Amber Navarro. This is what the band shared about it: “We got to work together with Ambar Navarro, our friend and director of the first music video off our album Excess, ‘New Beginning’. We have a lot of fun on set with Ambar because she gets our sense of humor and she visually adds some lightness to the heavier themes of our album, like climate change and income inequality. We become the capitalist death cult in this satirical animation of what could happen if we as a society continue on this path of excess.”

Automatic describes their album like this: “That fleeting moment when what was once cool quickly turned and became mainstream, all for the sake of consumerism.”