Murray A. Lightburn has shared the first single, “Dumpster Gold”, off his upcoming solo album “Once Upon A Time In Montreal” out March 31st via Dangerbird.


01. Dumpster Gold
02. No New Deaths Today
03. In The Kingdom Of Heaven
04. The Only One I Want To Hear
05. Oh But My Heart Has Never Been Dark
06. Reaching Out For Love
07. Once Upon A Time In Montreal
08. Girl You’ve Got To Let Me Go

The video/short film for the song was directed by Jean-Marc Abela.

Murray shared this about the song: “About a year or so after my old man passed, my mom called and said, ‘Murray, I’ve made a big decision: I’m selling the house.’ She’d been there for 50 years. We were the only family that ever lived in it, one of many identical houses in a section of Brossard, Quebec. On our way out, we sifted through everything; most of it was going to the dump. There were many worthless treasures that were meaningful only to us. A couple of things now sit around my house. My father wasn’t an expressive man to me. I am left with these fragments to piece together a connection to him.”

About the album itself he shared this: “After listening to Frank Lozano’s sac solo on the title track I knew it was a 400-foot home run. I knew it was something that would hold. I knew also at that moment how much my dad would love this record. Even if he never told me, I know that it would be on repeat in his car if he was still with us and driving around. That was my motivation, to make something I know he would love. It’s not indie rock, you know?”

He will be touring in support of the album. He has some UK/Europe dates lined up opening up for fellow Canadian band Stars. No USofA (nor Tijuana) dates have been announced yet.