Izzy and The Black Trees released their album “Revolution Comes In Waves” back in October via Antena Krzyku.


1. I Can’t Breathe
2. Liberate
3. Devil on the Run
4. National Tragedy
5. Break Into My Body
6. Petty Crimes
7. Visions
8. Kick Out the Damned
9. Love’s in Crisis
10. Candy

From the album they released a handful of singles. The first they shared was for the song “Liberate”. The video for it was directed by Sebastian Juszczyk.

A few weeks later this was followed by “Petty Crimes”. This video was handled by Mariusz Dojs. Izabela “Izzy” Rekowska said this about the meaning behind the song: “While writing the song I was thinking about the political situation in Poland where so-called “petty crimes” are a common way to deceive people, making them think that they have a choice while in reality they don’t. The current state of democracy in our home country is perceived as flawed; not only by other countries, but also by many young people who do not support the ruling party, or the ways that they treat LGBT+ communities and cut down on abortion rights. It is not right. It is not how a modern society should look like. There is a need for a change, and it has to come soon, otherwise we will be a mere bird on a wire”.

The third single selected off the album was “Kick Out The Damned”, and this was done with a stop motion video by Mariusz Dojs. Izabela “Izzy” Rekowska shared this about the song: “Kick Out the Damned is a simple message for those who long overstayed their unwanted welcome, for those who unrightfully claim what’s theirs, particularly authoritarian leaders whose golden statues will tumble and fall eventually”.

The last, and most recent, video single shares by the band was for “Love’s In Crisis”, and the video was directed by Nicolas Imbert.

The band has shared that they plan on touring more this 2023. How far across and wide has yet to be determined, but we’re hoping the current state will allow them to come and play the USofA (maybe Tijuana too).