OFF! have shared a new double song video, “Time Will Come / L”, off their upcoming album/sci-fi movie “Free LSD”

The movie was directed by the bands guitarist Dimitri Coats and the cast is just an impressive ensemble: Jack Black, Keith Morris, Dimitri Coats, Autry Fulbright II, James Duval, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Sydnie Mancini, Bree Essrig, Zander Schloss (Circle Jerks), Cody Renee Cameron, Nathaniel Moore, D.H. Peligro (R.I.P.) (Dead Kennedys), David Yow (Jesus Lizard), Davey Havok (AFI), Chloe Dykstra, Don Bolles (Germs), Chelsea Debo, Dana Gould, and more.

The synopsis for the film reads like this: “A punk rock, sci-fi midnight movie, Free LSD follows the story of Keith (played by Keith Morris) as he embarks on an inter-dimensional journey after using an experimental drug that provides a glimpse into a parallel universe where he is not only the singer of the band OFF!, but also the target of an evil alien species that will stop at nothing to prevent the group from making a new album which holds the key to an awakening of human consciousness”

Dimitri Coats shared this about the experience: “Making a movie is a cross between climbing Mount Everest and fighting a war. But the struggle has allowed our band access to worlds we don’t normally get to explore”.