Esben And The Witch have announced the release of their new album, “Hold Sacred”, out May 12th via Nostromo Records.


The Well
In Ecstasy
Fear Not
Silence, 1801
True Mirror
A Kaleidoscope
The Depths
Petals of Ash

The first single is the album opener “The Well”. The video was directed by vocalist Rachel Davies.

Via a press release the band shared this about the album: “This record was born in a hot mosquito summer in a terracotta villa an hour outside of Rome. It bloomed in winter on an abandoned beach in a fishing village close to Porto, overlooking the Atlantic. It found form in a gîte in the middle of the French countryside and grew in a ramshackle old house, full of old cloaks and books in rural Germany.

Protect what is precious. Hold Sacred.”

Rachel Davies shared this about the song: “A voice echoing from the bottom of a well. A call from a chamber, from within oneself, to summon the strength to climb out of the darkness, when it seems impossible. To call upon things often deemed frightening and to change your perception of said demons in order to survive. To build a ladder of light to aid your own escape.”

The band will be on tour starting in the month of May. No dates for the USofA (nor Tijuana) have been announced yet.