Jeff Tweedy has shared a cover of Woody Guthrie “Union Maid” song for the Jesse Eisenberg directed movie “When You Finish Saving The World”

The movie stars Finn Wolfhard as an up-and-coming folk musician trying to simultaneously navigate a complicated relationship with his mother, played by Julianne Moore. The film’s soundtrack features original music by Wolfhard and Eisenberg, as well as a score composed by Emile Mosseri.

Jesse Eisenberg shares this about the music in the film: “Emile is a genius. The idea behind the score is that when Ziggy’s on the screen it’s almost a manifestation of his persona, so the instruments have this certain tonal feel like they’re emerging out of cheap equipment. Of course, Evelyn’s soundtrack is all classical because that’s all she listens to and is what’s in her head. What makes it fun is that these sounds compete with each other throughout the movie, depending on who is dominating a particular scene.”