Crocodiles have announced the release of their new album, “Upside Down In Heaven”, out April 7th via Lolipop Records.


01. Love Beyond The Grave
02. Dead Beat
03. I’ve Become What I Fear Most
04. Degeneration
05. Upside Down In Heaven
06. Magic Trash
07. Lovers Of Nothing
08. Forever Walk Alone
09. Surfing With Death
10. Rock ‘N’ Roll Graveyard

The first single off the album is for the song “Degeneration”. The video for the song was co-directed by Kate Clover and Brandon Welchez.

Brandon Welchez shared this about the song: “The heaviness of life on a violent, dying planet can often push us towards our worst impulses. “Degeneration” was written in the boiling, diseased summer of 2020 where I found myself overworked, underpaid and choking on wildfire smoke. The free time I had was spent doom-scrolling the latest covid death toll or inundating myself with news of literal fascists marching the streets. I found myself floating on a cloud of anger, fear and frustration. Rather than allow myself to fall into bad old habits or succumb to my negative emotion.”

The only live date announced so far is for the Manchester Psych Fest in September, other than that no USofA (nor Tijuana) shows have been announced yet.