The Album Leaf has announced the release of his new album, “Future Falling”, out May 5th via Nettwerk.

01 “Prologue”
02 “Dust Collects”
03 “Afterglow” Feat. Kimbra
04 “Breathe”
05 “Future Falling”
06 “Cycles”
07 “Give In”
08 “Stride”
09 “Near” Feat. Bat For Lashes
10 “Epilogue”

The first single off the album is for the song “Near” featuring Bat For Lashes. Jimmy LaValle shared this about the song and collaboration with Natasha Banks: “We spent an afternoon in my studio while she sang a handful of ideas over the piece. I took those ideas and created something new inspired by her vocal. I really wanted to create something to support the dreamlike narrative she was painting. It was all very natural.”. Natasha Khan shared this about the collaboration: “We worked organically, I was building vocals over Jimmy’s music; playing with melodies and words… he then took it away and sculpted it into what became ‘Near.’ The imagery was of going deep into a dark forest with a small glimmer of safety, something precious and secret. Sort of an ambient fairytale. It was very spontaneous and fun to improvise.”

Jimmy LaValle shared this about the album: “During the pandemic, I created new music almost daily. I had amassed a daunting amount of new material that I felt connected with, that it almost acted more like a road block. I experimented with a lot of audio manipulating, learning new tricks and staying true to my love of analogue synthesizers. I finally settled on a collection of songs, and after second-guessing all of them, I reached out to multiple friends and collaborators to contribute. With those contributions, I was able to craft a record that represents both the time I spend alone discovering and creating while keeping the collaborative spirit that I have always been inspired by.

No tour dates have been announced yet for the USofA (nor Tijuana).