Alva Noto has released an EP, “Subterraneans”, via Noton. It is a cover of the closing track on David Bowie’s album “Low” and it features Martin L. Gore on vocals and William Basinski on saxophone.


A) Subterraneans
B) Subterraneans (Instrumental)

Carsten Nicolai (ALVA NOTO) shared this about the song via a press release: “This song has a personal meaning to me. It was partly recorded in West Berlin at the Hansa Studio. According to Bowie, “Subterraneans” refers to the people who remained in East Berlin and loved in East Germany after the wall was built. In 1977 i was 12 years old and among the ‘subterraneans” the song evoke. It still resonates within me, 45 years after it’s original release”.