Negative Blast have shared a new single, “Egghead”, off their upcoming album “Echo Planet” out February 10th via Quiet Panic.

1. Boy Blues
2. Trauma Bond
3. Carbon Copy
4. Bad Trip
5. Echo Planet
6. No Trust
7. The King in Vancouver
8. Egghead

The video for the album’s closer was directed by UK artist Displaced/Replaced.

Rainier Pesebre (vocalist) said this about the song: “Egghead is a grooving heavy hitter of a song that pays a nod to ’60s garage like the Kinks as well as ’70s punk staples, and a general ‘fuck off’ to the haters, the critics, and figures in life who seem to know us better than we know ourselves. I imagined I was a rat wearing a leather jacket wading through slummed out alleyways and sneering at grandmas while writing the lyrics to this one. When we get flak back from people we don’t want to hear it from, the walls go up and we just don’t give a fuck anymore. Sometimes the feeling of walking on an asshole’s head is much more satisfying than walking on eggshells around them all day.”

Pat Callaway (bassist) said this about it: “Everyone dies”.

📷: Becky DiGiglio

The band will have a show at the Casbah in San Diego, CA alongside Deaf Club and Unsane on February 9th, a day before their album is released.