Squid have share the first single, “Swing (In A Dream)”, off their upcoming album “O Monolith” out June 9th via Warp.


1. Swing (In a Dream)
2. Devil’s Den
3. Siphon Song
4. Undergrowth
5. The Blades
6. After The Flash
7. Green Light
8. If You Had Seen The Bull’s Swimming Attempts You Would Have Stayed Away

The vet deo for the album opener was directed by Yoonha Park. This is what Yoonha said about the video: “I was interested in exploring visual ideas from Where’s Waldo, Richard Scarry, and Brueghel as a means to express anxieties about the climate crisis.”

Louis Borlase said this about the album: “There’s a running theme of the relation of people to the environment throughout. There are allusions to the world we became so immersed in, environmental emergency, the role of domesticity, and the displacement you feel when you’re away for a long time.”

The band has announced a UK/European tour in support of the album. No USofA (nor Tijuana) dates have been announced yet.