James Ellis Ford (Simian Mobile Disco, The Last Shadow Puppets) has shared the first single, “I Never Wanted Anything”, off his upcoming solo album “The Hum” out May 12th via Warp Records.

01 “Tape Loop #7”
02 “Pillow Village”
03 “I Never Wanted Anything”
04 “Squeaky Wheel”
05 “The Yips”
06 “Golden Hour”
07 “The Hum”
08 “Caterpillar”
09 “Emptiness”
10 “Closing Time”

The video for the track was created / directed by Trevor Jackson. James Ellis Ford shared this about the song: “I feel incredibly lucky that I’ve managed to keep doing what I do. When I play music and I get the feeling that it’s going to be amazing? That’s literally the buzz that I chase every day.”

Regarding the the album he shared this: “I was making tracks and thinking, ‘Maybe I’ll send this to Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys).’” Ford says. “It genuinely did cross my mind that I could make an album with a lot of guest features, but it just felt braver for me to do it on my own. With technology it’s easy to fix ‘mistakes’ after the event, and I really hate this point we’ve arrived at in recording history,” he says. “So I didn’t put things in time and didn’t even edit on the computer. Because of the approaching AI nightmare, humanness is the main positive quality you can add to a record”.

No tour dates have been announced yet for the USofA (nor Tijuana).