Crocodiles have share the second single, “Love Beyond The Grave”, off their upcoming album “Upside Down In Heaven” out April 7th via Lolipop Records.

The video for the song was directed by Kate Clover.

Charles Rowell shares this about the video / song: “Kate is astounding. She’s a constant inspiration, and I feel like we’ve been chasing her since we first met. For both videos she was there and her eye for aesthetics is impeccable. Amidst all the chaos of life there is one certain truth – that we will all die. Being a fan of heavy metal and books by such writers as Anne Sexton and Allen Ginsberg, I find it quite comforting to write about death. I probably have more t-shirts with skulls on them then I do any other article of clothing. I’ve lost many friends and most of my immediate family and the train never stops moving from station to station. The lyrics follow a person who’s scared by the living and revisits past haunts in an attempt to distort normality and find true love with the spirits that inhabit this world; from hometowns to historic street corners.”

Rowell shares this about the album: “Our idea was to make an energetic punk record touching upon a lot of our favorite sounds, from ’70s NYC, to ’80s/’90s UK. Our approach was more like a garage band for this album: Plug in and bash it out. Shout it loud and let the energy come across.”

The band will go on tour starting in April with the first show taking place in Tijuana on April 19th at Moustache.