Murray A. Lightburn has released the original soundtrack he wrote for the movie “I Like Movies” which was written and directed by Chandler Levack.

01. Main Theme
02. Welcome To Sequels
03. I’m Gonna Hire You
04. I Love Doing Inventory
05. The Greatest Boss You Have Ever Had
06. Two Tickets To Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love, Please
07. I See You As A Placeholder
08. Do I Have To Wear The Sash?
09. Lawrence Walks Home
10. You Don’t Deserve A Frosty
11. Wild Things
12. So Your Mom Told Me About Your Dad
13. Do You Think I Could Just Sleep In The Store?
14. What Is Your Malfunction Lawrence?
15. Lawrence And His Dog
16. Hey!
17. Imagine The Ocean In Castaway
18. It Just Never Ends With You
19. Year End Movie
20. Steel Magnolias
21. We’ll Always Have Reject’s Night
22. Mr. Sub
23. Main Theme II (End Credits)

The film is based on Levack’s experiences working at a Blockbuster video store in the early 2000s in Burlington, Ontario.

Lightburn shared this about the score:
“A key piece in this process was ‘So Your Mom Told Me About Your Dad’. I woke up one morning with that melody in my head and immediately hummed it into a recorder. I went to the studio and worked with the scene where I heard the piece. I was able to see how this theme was telling the story of Alana and Lawrence and got to work. Chandler and I would have regular Zoom meetings with me playing feeds direct from the console in the studio with rough cuts of the film. I was eager to show her that piece and I think we both knew it was working. By the end, Chandler was in the studio with me, contributing musical ideas that really put a button on that particular scene in the parking lot. It was truly fun and wonderful collaboration like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

Levack shared this: “Murray has crafted the greatest score in Canadian cinematic history for I Like Movies. When thinking about who could best articulate the emotional landscape of an angsty teenaged Blockbuster employee, I turned to the musician who got me through high school. Growing up in Burlington, Ontario, the 2003 album No Cities Left by The Dears was the only thing that helped me survive. The emotional intensity of Murray’s songwriting and sweeping orchestral configurations that turned Montreal ennui into perfect indie rock healed my soul and gave me some indication of what my future could look like. I was so honored when Murray agreed to score my first feature film. We had an incredible collaboration when he wrote an original rock song for my first short film We Forgot to Break Up and working with him on my first feature was an equal joy. The soundtrack to I Like Movies is quirky and heartbreaking with iconic earworms that give the Ontario suburbs their first-ever cinematic close-up. I’m so grateful to Murray for creating such a beautiful score and so excited for audiences to get to experience it”.