Guadalupe Plata have shared the third single, “El Cóndor Pasa”, off their upcoming (seventh) self titled album out May 5th via Everlasting Records.

1. Calima
2. La Cigüeña
3. Tia Tragantía
4. Al Infierno Que Vayas
5. En Mi Tumba
6. Ruina
7. Zapateado
8. El Cóndor Pasa
9. No Hay Dónde Ir
10. Y.N.T.M.A.
11. Nunca Llueve Como Truena
12. Malefico
13. Stabat Master

The video for the song was created and directed by Pilar Anguno & Paco Campano.

The story behind the song that was composed by Daniel Alomía Robles in 1913 and that’s been covered in multiple languages including Simon & Garfunkel in their seminal album “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is that it was the song that was used to teach Pedro De Dios how to play guitar with by his father.